ALaNT 5 — Joint Conferences on Algebra, Logic and Number Theory

12th Czech, Polish and Slovak Conference on Number Theory
21st Colloquiumfest on Algebra and Logic

Będlewo (Poland), June 24–29 2018

Conference photos are available.

The joint conferences on Algebra, Logic and Number Theory (ALANT) unite two simultaneous events: the Czech, Polish and Slovak Conference on Number Theory and the Colloquiumfest. Prior conferences in this series were:

The Czech, Polish and Slovak Conferences on Number Theory have been organized every two years by either the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, or the University of Silesia in Poland. Eleven such conferences have been held so far, and the range of topics covered has gradually expanded beyond what is usually considered number theory, and included topics in quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups, K-theory and algebraic geometry.

The Colloquiumfests have been annual meetings first organized at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada in March 2000, and later also at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, and at Bogazici University in Istanbul. The meetings focus on topics in valuation theory, real algebra, field arithmetic, algebraic geometry and model theory.

With the support received from the Banach Center and the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science (WCNM), the next ALANT conference will be held at the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo, Poland, on June 24—29, 2018, where 24th is the arrival day. The main theme of the upcoming meeting will focus on real algebra and its interactions with other branches of algebra, logic and number theory, with particular emphasis on quadratic forms and their axiomatic theories, linear algebraic groups and K-theory, valuation theory, as well as algebraic and real algebraic geometry. The main objective of the meeting is to provide its participants from the various mathematical areas with the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and start new collaborations. What initially started as a meeting on number theory organized by three neighboring universities has since then grown into a quite big international conference, adding modern trends in algebra and attracting renowned researchers from Europe, North America and Asia. Past experience has shown that the meeting was not only interesting for well-established researchers, but proved extremely fruitful and resourceful for young mathematicians. Last but not least, the conference contributes greatly to the friendship and cooperation between organizing universities and their faculties from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and supports the ongoing collaboration between them and mathematicians in many other countries.